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Comedian Tywse Attacks Sydney Talker Over Alleged Coronavirus Prank

Comedian Twyse attacks Sydney Talker for faking to had been infected with the Covid-19 virus for no unjust reason.

When we thought everything has settled about Sydney’s supposed Coronavirus prank, comedian Twyse calls him out again.

After showing a lot of support for Sydney against his trolls on Instagram, Twyse regret ever supporting Sydney as he claims his stories about the Coronavirus thing doesn’t add up.

Twyse made this known after he shared a post about the whole thing on his Instagram page about his regret, the reason for this is still not clearly known.

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I personally hate unnecessary attention and i hate to be involved in one. A friend of mine sent me a post as regarding Sydneytalker’s situation. Reading through the time-lapse of this entire event, it appears that Sydney’s story is not adding up at all. I love you bro and I will do anything fr you and have your back even though we’ve never met. However i feel stupid fr defending you even before getting to know the entire story. I want to use this medium to say sorry to those who I might have offended by my comment on his page. At first, I was unbothered because I thought you – Sydney will know the right to to do. It’s an issue of life and death here. And feel free to test the Helplines, just don’t make people unnecessarily worried. Not cool. Since Etinosa’s incident, I promised never to involve myself in anybody’s business again. This game is a tough one, if you no get tough skin you no go survive and fr this reason i thought some haters were bullying you so I decided to step in (Even though I’m not your school father 😂). I’m quite disappointed and I just want to say to all my colleagues out there, if you misbehave pls get ready to bear the consequences. All man fr himself. I’m not defending no one again ever! Bro, your fans deserve a proper apology. Just own up to it, and it’s forgotten. I promise u . One love still ❤️ and once again I’m sorry to those that i might have offended with that comment. I was just looking out fr my man. We learn everyday, e ma binu ✌🏾

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