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My Client Is A Legitimate Business Man — Hushpuppi’s Lawyer To Defend Him In Court

Raymond Abbas popularly known as Hushpuppi who was arrested on claims of cyber crime’s lawyer comes to his defence.

Gal Pissetzky representing Hushpuppi said his client made his money in a legitimate way and was not involved in fraud and money laundering.

Gal Pissetzky spoke to Forbes, insisting that his client “an entrepreneur who made his money legitimately through real estate and his work promoting brands as an Instagram personality.”

Gal Pissetzky explained to Forbes that his client is “Absolutely not guilty of [the] charges they are accusing him of,” adding that Hushpuppi “was running a legitimate business and a very legitimate Instagram account and did not take part in any scam or fraud.

Asked how Hushpuppi paid for his lifestyle, Pissetzky revealed to Forbes that, “He’s an entrepreneur. He has real estate involvement, an Instagram personality. He was promoting brands and that’s how he was very legitimately making his money.”

On his relationship with Premier League footballers Tammy Abraham and Ezri Konsa, his lawyer says, “Mr Abbas is friends with a lot of people. Somebody who has that many followers – obviously he knows and has friends in a lot of places … it’s all legitimate.

Hushpuppi is currently being held at MCC Chicago pending a bail hearing, faces a statutory maximum sentence of 20 years in federal prison. A hearing in Chicago on Monday July 13, will determine if he will be detained pending trial.

Hushpuppi according to an affidavit that was released, was accused of providing bank accounts that could receive large sums of money without sending off alerts.

The FBI allege that the conspiracy was to “launder … tens, and at times hundreds, of millions of dollars that were proceeds of other fraudulent schemes and computer intrusions.

He was also accused of sending alleged “co-conspirators” bank account information for accounts in Romania, Bulgaria, Mexico and Dubai. In one message exchange collected from a co-conspirator’s phone, he complained about the cost of opening these bank accounts which the FBI allege are called “houses” throughout the exchange.

Bro I can’t keep collecting houses n not give them a feed back n keep asking for more … This things cost a lot of money now to open.”

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