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Nollywood Star Yul Edochie Gives Reasons Why Nigerian Politicians Are Not To Be Blamed

A whole lot of people blame the government on every possible damage in the country, either by them or no but Yul Edochie has a different veiw of things.

According to the actor who’s also a politician, he said. » ‘I always thought our problem was our leaders until I joined politics and realized the people are also a big part of the problem.

If you run for office and you don’t have money to share, even your village people will leave you and support a well-known kidnapper who is sharing money’. He also said,

‘yes our leaders have failed us for so long but running out of the country is not the best option.

Who go fix am? Then we are treated as 3rd class citizens abroad. We need all hands on deck, all voices. The fewer the opposition, the easier it is for the oppressor to carry on’.

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