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The Hushpuppi I Met Was Not A Criminal — Daddy Freeze Rants

Nigerian radio personality Daddy Freeze finally reacts to the arrested of Hushpuppi claiming the Hushpuppi he knows is not a criminal.

Daddy Freeze, a popular on-air-personality has come out to reply critics who slammed him for once hanging out with alleged internet fraudster, Hushpuppi, following the latter’s arrest in Dubai.

The controversial figure while defending himself noted that he never knew Hushpuppi to be a criminal but a social media influencer and that if he knew, he wouldn’t have hung out with him.

He added that as at the time they hung out together, they alleged fraudster had no case to answer.

He said:-
“I didn’t know him to be a criminal, if I did I wouldn’t hang out with him. And unless someone is proven guilty, I do not discriminate against them because the one who thought me Christianity, the one who I follow, Christ did not discriminate against anyone,” he said.

“As of the time I did the video, which is eight months ago, he had no case. Even now, until he is proven guilty by a competent court, we have to sit down and wait and allow the court to do its work.

“While we were driving, he got calls from Gucci, he got calls from Versace, and he got calls from LV all wanting to host him and he says he is an influencer. He didn’t get calls from any hackers, at least while I was there, there was nothing suspicious,” he said.

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