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When a couple communicates regularly, they tend to understand each other better, and how to please each other to the max.

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4 Romantic Things To Do With Your Partner This Weekend

A list of 4 simple romantic things to do with your partner this weekend

Are you out of ideas for fun things to do with your partner this weekend?

We’ve got a list of 4 simple romantic things you should do with your partner this weekend.

Need to shake up the same old routine of things to do this long weekend with your partner ?

When the typical “dinner and a movie” just isn’t making the cut anymore, it’s usually time to add some zest to your weekend date ideas.

1. Go for a movie marathon

Watching one movie was not enough and now it is movie marathon and that to non-stop! That is what long weekends are for.

2. Sightseeing

Lots of couples enjoy visiting new places together. There are probably places in your hometown you have wanted to visit but haven’t found the time.

If your town is small, you may need to venture to a nearby city. Consider visiting a museum, art gallery, zoo or historic attraction.

Check out any companies that offer tours.

3. Romantic Dates

This long weekend is a perfect time to connect with your significant other and enjoy a romantic date.

Relax together with a couple’s massage or go on a brief vacation in a beautiful local.

4. Intimacy

Physical intimacy is an important tool to spice your love life this long weekend.

If need be, ask him or her what his wildest fantasies are and indulge in a bit of role play.

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