5 Crazy Reasons Women Accept To Be Side Chicks

5 Crazy Reasons Women Accept To Be Side Chicks

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Being a side chick a actually cool with some ladies for their own reasons and today we are highlighting the top 5 reasons.

Everyday melodramas unveils in different places, most situations are of married women biting up single ladies or a sugar mummy protecting her investment.

But with the rate at which women who cry foul when they’re cheated on and how society condemns cheating men, one expects that women would value exclusivity beyond compromise but that’s apparently not the case.

While according to women, here are five reasons why this happens:

1. Convenience

According to Bloom, a millennial who just concluded NYSC, women agree to side chicks roles because of the emotional convenience that often comes with the it.

Not much is expected of you. Your ‘boyfriend’ spends most of his time with the main chick, alleviating some of the ‘pressure’ that would have automatically been on you.

2. Attention

Chinaza says “it is a matter of attention.”

If a guy treats a girl right and somehow satisfies every of her emotional and other demands, I don’t think she’s going to be bothered that there’s someone else, especially if she has had bad, toxic relationships in the past, she says.

3. Money

Financial benefits is all that counts to some women. If a guy has deep pockets, they won’t mind being his side chick. So far bills are being paid, no problem.

4. Sex

According to Ashley Moore, a relationship columnist at Humans Mag, “Another reward is the sexual pleasure. Let’s be honest; a man is not going to supply a side-chick with anything unless there is some type of intercourse involved.”

And if the man somehow offers nothing but bomb sex, it becomes all too easy for the woman to consent to being the second choice.

5. Too late to stop

Sometimes women get deceived into these relationships, only to then find out along the line that there’s actually someone else.

At that point however, they’d gone so far that going back and being left with no one is no longer a palatable option.

So they keep on holding on to the promise that soon enough, the guy would become fed up of the main chick and dump her.

Sadly, this hardly ever happens.

From the TV series “Power” Angela Valdez should have a thing or two to say about this.

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