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5 Important Reasons You Should Kiss More In Your Relationship

Today I’ll be giving you a quick guide to why simple &  intensed kisses are important in your relationship.

Regular kisses may seem a bit boring to you but as been in a love bonded relationship kisses do speak when the mouth is too heavy or when too emotional.

So here are 5 reasons why you should make kissing an A Game in your relationship.

5 Exclusive Ways To Build A Strong And Romantic Relationship

1. Stress relief

“When we kiss, it stimulates our brain to release a cocktail of feel good chemicals that both calm and excite us at the same time,” according to American family therapist Dr. Sheri Meyers.

2. Strengthens the bond

You’re going out, you kiss your boo. On your return, you share another kiss. At several points of the day when you are together, you also share a kiss.

These non-sexual kisses show just how into each other you and your partner are. And the more you do this, the stronger you and your partner get in bonding.

3. Foreplay

Imagine sex without foreplay. Not cool, right?

Now imagine foreplay without kissing. Almost unimaginable, right?

That’s how important kissing is to your sex life and that’s why you need to get it right and become really good at it.

Kissing will almost always be your starting point for the amazing sex that your relationship/marriage surely needs.

Why your relationship needs improved, better sex

Simple kisses can speak when words can’t be altered

4.Wordless communication

Sometimes when words can’t express your thoughts or when words are actually unnecessary, kisses could pass across a message between lovers.

For example, your partner just experienced a disappointment and he/she is sad and does not wish to talk about it.

All you need do is sit with them, cuddle and kiss their forehead as a reassurance that you are there for them.

5. Helps with arguments

So you and your babe are arguing or in the middle of a yelling contest, sometimes a kiss could be all you need to settle it all.

So in the middle of an argument you say: “Oh, Cyndy, you know that’s not true. Just shut up, already

And she replies in that tone, “make me…”

Well, you know that with a kiss, you and your partner can make up already.

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