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Barcelona Players Accept A 70% Covid-19 Salary Cut

Barcelona players have all accepted a 70% cut off their salaries to help aid the health care of Covid-19 victims.

Barcelona’s players have accepted a 70 per cent pay cut and pledged donations to help the club’s non-sport staff continue to receive their full wages.

Lionel Messi announced the move in an Instagram post, insisting Barcelona’s players were always open to pay cuts due to the coronavirus pandemic but had to take time to iron out the details.

The time has come to announce that, apart from the reduction of 70 per cent of our salary during the state of alarm, we are going to make contributions as well so that club employees can collect 100 per cent of their salary for the duration of this situation,” Messi wrote on Instagram.

“If we did not speak until now, it was because the priority for us was to find solutions that were real to help the club.”

In confirming the move from all of Barcelona’s players, Messi criticised suggestions the club’s stars had been slow to take this step.

Much has been written and said about the first team of FC Barcelona in what refers to the salaries of the players during this state of alarm,” Messi continued.

“First of all we want to clarify that our will has always been to apply a decrease in the salary we receive, because we fully understand that this is an exceptional situation and we are the first ones who have always helped the club when asked.

Many times we have even done it on our own initiative, at other times that we thought necessary or important.

“It does not surprise us that from within the club there were those who tried to put us under the magnifying glass and tried to add pressure about something that we always knew we would do.

“In fact if the agreement has been delayed for a few days it is simply because we were looking for a formula to help the club and also its workers in these difficult times.”

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